Current Season 241760
Season ends in 0d 0h 14m
Current race Forino Valley
Race ends in
0d 0h 3m 53s
Class Hatchback
Tracks General mix of tracks
Season length 15 minutes 30 seconds
Races 3 races ( 5 minutes per race)
Rest period 30 seconds at end of season
Drivers who don't upload any results for 1 Seasons will be automatically suspended.

Races in each Season
Race 1
<a href='Track.php?nId=9'>Forino Valley</a> Forino Valley (1 laps)
Race 2
<a href='Track.php?nId=3'>Mayapan Beach</a> Mayapan Beach (1 laps)
Race 3
<a href='Track.php?nId=5'>Montclair</a> Montclair (1 laps)
Season 241760 Results to date Ends in: 0d 0h 14m - May 2, 2016 (GMT)
Next Race In: 0d 0h 3m 53s
Driver Rank CR Race: 123 Total  
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